Nelson Mandela Book signing

Winston and Jamie honoured to sign the Nelson Mandela Tribute book

The signing of the Nelson Mandela book

Winston - "Humbled and honoured to be asked to sign the book of tribute to the great Nelson Mandela. To have my name and message in a book along side so many others as part of his enduring legacy is a very proud achievement thank you Nic Careem".

Winston and Jamie were invited to the House of Commons, to meet with Founder of the Blue Sky Network and Nelson Mandela Tribute book, Nic Careem.

To be featured in House of Commons Book Tribute to Nelson Mandela is a huge honour. Nic Careem have collected nearly over 700 handwritten tribute messages by the greatest names from all across the world... including President Barack Obama, Kofi Annan, and 3 British Prime Ministers, leading International Business and Community leaders.

Thanks to Nic Careem for inviting Winston and Jamie to be part of this great book. Honoured and privileged to be one amongst these great names.

The book is getting published next year.

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