How to start collaborating on a project with Rayzor Edge Films.


Rayzor Edge Films are always open to new and exciting feature films with commercial potential that have either:
~ Well-known cast attached
~ Already have initial (start-up) finances
~ Are a strong example of a genre film (with an established audience such as action, horror, martial arts, sci-fi, thriller)
~ A strong documentary

If you are looking for distribution for your film and are interested in Rayzor Edge Films potentially representing your project, please contact us to discuss this. Once we have received your submission we will talk to our Distribution and International Sales contacts, on your behalf. 

Rayzor Edge Films, have the capacity to assist in release on all the major online platforms in the UK, including Amazon, Apple, Google play,Microsoft and Sky, as well as being able to expedite (on a project by project basis) theatrical and DVD (hard copy) release. Our network includes members that attend all of the major film markets of the year including Berlin, California,Cannes and Toronto. 

The team at Rayzor Edge Films come from a versatile background in Film,Digital and TV production with decades of experience and have worked with some of the top names in Hollywood. As producers, we work hard to ensure that new,exciting and professionally made independent films are completed and find their audience, so that they can receive their deserved returns from sales. 

We have the capacity to present your film to international buyers and distributors globally. Our international partners are in constant communication with us about industry trends and market movements, Rayzor Edge Films and our partners will raise awareness of your project.



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